Picture 2:Ndola Lions School for the Blind. The pupils that have limited vision lead the blind pupils around the school grounds Picture 3: The classrooms at the blind school are very basic and the students had to share dotters and frames as there were only enough for half of the pupils. We are now sending 66 more so that each pupil will have their own for lessons. Picture 4: Steph demonstrated a prototype of the Canute Braille E-book reader. She also downloaded Braille translation software onto the school computers. Picture 5: We visited a project at Fisenge where the sighted members earn a meagre living through carpentry and farming to support the blind members Picture 6: Steph gave out solar powered talking Bibles in the Bemba dialect to the delight of the blind members. This is the first time they have had access to a Bible they can read themselves. Picture 7: We also visited the Keddat project at Kang’onga where the members make baskets and mats to sell. The also like to knit school jumpers to sell too. Again the poverty there was very sad to see. Picture 8: The talking bibles can be worn around the neck. They then charge in the sunlight whilst being worn Picture 9: At Keddat they use banana leaves or sisal rope to make baskets and mats. The also make colourful rag rugs Picture 10: This is a mat made from banana leaves. The surrounding banana trees provide the members with the leaves Picture 11: The All Nations Harvest Church in Kitwe takes students for the first seven grades from both their own orphanage at the church and the surrounding district. The orphanage runs entirely on donations and are always struggling to manage

Pictures of our work in Zambia